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Morse theory is a powerful mathematical tool that uses the local differential properties of a manifold to make conclusions about global topological aspects of the manifold. Morse theory has been proven to be a very useful tool in computer graphics, geometric data processing and understanding. This work is divided into two parts. The first part is concerned with constructing geometry and symmetry aware scalar functions on a triangulated $2$-manifold. To effectively apply Morse theory to discrete manifolds, one needs to design scalar functions on them with certain properties such as respecting the symmetry and the geometry of the surface and having the critical points of the scalar function coincide with feature or symmetry points on the surface. In this work, we study multiple methods that were suggested in the literature to construct such functions such as isometry invariant scalar functions, Poisson fields and discrete conformal factors. We suggest multiple refinements to each family of these functions and we propose new methods to construct geometry and symmetry-aware scalar functions using mainly the theory of the Laplace-Beltrami operator. Our proposed methods are general and can be applied in many areas such as parametrization, shape analysis, symmetry detection and segmentation. In the second part of the thesis we utilize Morse theory to give topologically consistent segmentation algorithms.



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