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This thesis addresses one of the important issues in designing future WDM optical networks. Such networks are expected to employ an all-optical control plane for dissemination of network state information. It has recently been suggested that an efficient control plane will require non-blocking communication infrastructure and routing techniques. However, the irregular nature of most WDM networks does not lend itself to efficient non-blocking communications. It has been recently shown that hypercubes offer some very efficient non-blocking solutions for, all-to-all broadcast operations, which would be very attractive for control plane implementation. Such results can be utilized by embedding virtual structures in the physical network and doing the routing using properties of a virtual architecture. We will emphasize the hypercube due to its proven usefulness. In this thesis we propose three efficient heuristic methods for embedding a virtual hypercube in an irregular host network such that each node in the host network is either a hypercube node or a neighbor of a hypercube node. The latter will be called a “satellite” or “secondary” node. These schemes follow a step-by-step procedure for the embedding and for finding the physical path implementation of the virtual links while attempting to optimize certain metrics such as the number of wavelengths on each link and the average length of virtual link mappings. We have designed software that takes the adjacency list of an irregular topology as input and provides the adjacency list of a hypercube embedded in the original network. We executed this software on a number of irregular networks with different connectivities and compared the behavior of each of the three algorithms. The algorithms are compared with respect to their performance in trying to optimize several metrics. We also compare our algorithms to an already existing algorithm in the literature.



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