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The beef cattle industry continues to be the second largest animal production industry in Louisiana. In 2007, there were 860,000 head of cattle and calves in Louisiana and 14,100 farms and ranches engaged in cattle production Beef production is virtually statewide, with 63 of 64 parishes generating income from beef production. The Master Cattle Producer Program is designed as a follow-up to the Master Farmer Program. It is a commodity-specific program to enhance the profitability of beef producers by teaching them research-based recommendations on all aspects of beef production. The purpose of this study was to assess the effectiveness of the Louisiana Master Cattle Producer Program as perceived by those individuals who completed all components of the Louisiana Master Cattle Producer Program. The significant increase in the adoption score of program completers from their self-reported implementation of the practice before participation in the program and the implementation of these practices after completing the Louisiana Master Cattle Producer Program indicates that this program is effective. The practice adoption score was not related to any of the personal and descriptive demographic characteristics of the completers of the Louisiana Master Cattle Producer Program.



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