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The spatiotemporal control of biological processes, especially cell growth and differentiation, remains one of the most compelling challenges in basic and clinical biomedical research. Fields as diverse as cancer therapy and regenerative medicine rely on spatial and temporal control of biochemical cues to achieve desired biological objectives. MicroRNA are attractive for highly-localized delivery applications because their instability in the cell restricts their biological effect to a small target area. These short, non-coding strands can be easily synthesized and modified for attachment and release from nanoparticle delivery vehicles. The research interest around microRNA therapies has produced a wide array of pathways dependent on microRNA, especially in osteogenesis, adipogenesis, and cancer therapy. The development of a versatile delivery platform will complement the wide array of microRNA pathways that are being discovered. The unique optical properties of metal nanoparticles provide a powerful tool for microRNA delivery via photochemical or photothermal methods. The plasmonic response of silver and gold particles provide an important complement to microRNAs with photocleavable linking moieties, where the coherent oscillation of electrons at specific wavelengths may be able to greatly enhance delivery efficiency while providing non-invasive external control of release.



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