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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the citizenship camp program offered at the two Central Southwest District Camps, and to develop from these evaluations, a more effective overall camping program In Louisiana. Through the evaluations, it was hoped that the educational and recreational aspects of camping could be improved. The primary objectives of this study were to compare the opinions of the 172 boys and the 230girls, who attended the two camps, as to the major aspects of camp, and to develop an overall evaluation from these opinions. The opinions of the participants were compared as to the extent of information or enjoyment gained on the following phases of camping: citizenship activities, educational activities, group activities, and recreational activities. The campers were asked also to evaluate the overall camp. The majority of the campers involved in this study, apparently enjoyed their camping experiences to a considerable extent. The recreational type activities received the highest degree of acceptance from the participants, with the free-choice phase being top preference. Even though the citizenship type activities such as speakers on citizenship, discussion groups and activity periods, were not as well received as the recreational phase, they were well accepted by both sexes. Only slight differences occurred between the opinions of boys and girls as to the extent of information gained from the recreation or the citizenship periods.

The Sunset Service and the elections conducted at catsp failed to generate any great amount of interest or enthusiasm from the respondents. Generally, the campers were satisfied to have participated as a member of a group. The boys, however, expressed more satisfaction than the girls. The participants suggested that more emphasis for future camp pro* grams should be placed on the recreational type activities with somewhat less emphasis on the citizenship type activities.