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Palynological analysis of 30 samples from a single well core containing the Chemard Lake Lignite and associated sediments from the Naborton and Dolet Hills formations in northwestern Louisiana provided a miospore assemblage that resembles Paleocene assemblages from other areas of the Gulf and Atlantic Coastal Plains. This suggests a Late Paleocene (Early-Middle Sabinian) Age for these formations. The results from a sample similarity index analysis indicate samples from the succession can be grouped into palynostratigraphic zones. Five different diversity procedures were applied to the data and indicated variation in diversity among the palyno-zones. The presence of a few dinoflagellate cysts in samples above and below the lignite suggests deposition in a paralic environment. This supports the observations of Hogenson (1980) who found foraminifera in samples above the lignite. The dominance of phytoclasts (woody material) in the samples suggests swamp conditions in the area.