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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)



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James R. West


The teaching of solo literature in the context of studio trumpet instruction has always presented personal challenges, especially when that literature includes a variety of mixed meter, subito tempo, and dynamic changes. Consistent aid from a metronome and tuner has for generations facilitated the dedicated musician, yet these devices are obviously limited by the student's dedication, receptivity, and innate talent. I conversely propose that by introducing computer assisted instruction within the confines of the private studio, the students' musical ability will be enhanced as will the pupils' consistent practice regiment. The introductory segment of Chapter 1 provides an extremely truncated synopsis regarding the history of MIDI, examples of current MIDI applications within the studio, and the justification thereof. Chapter 2 encompasses the specific procedures used to accomplish computer assisted accompaniment in the studio, while relevant topics such as equipment, analysis of the Stevens' Sonata For Trumpet and Piano, and programming/editing procedures are comparatively addressed. The processes of programming and editing comprise much of this chapter, since these components form an integral function within the electronic music studio. The third chapter exists as a compendium of contemporary practices regarding CIA (computer assisted instruction), with the remaining passages comprising a conclusion. It is my intent that production of this document will inform other studio instructors of the value of introducing technology to students, their quest furthered with the inclusion of a relevant guide needed to compile and construct a successful computer assisted studio.