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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Human Resource Education and Workforce Development

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Michael Burnett


Revenues for public education are declining and school budgets are being evaluated for ways to cut waste. The maintenance and operations budget often falls victim to the budget ax as maintenance on equipment and buildings is deferred. It may be that as a result of the deferred maintenance, school districts are actually spending more on maintenance and operations and energy than before. This study sought to determine the status of energy use in Louisiana's 66 public school districts and to determine the need for an energy management education program in those districts. Data for the 1991-92 school year were collected using a mailed questionnaire from 55 of the 66 public school districts. Intensive non-response follow-up procedures were instituted to obtain a complete profile of the existing energy expenditure situation in the state's public school districts. Per square foot expenditures for energy were calculated for the 55 school districts that responded. A per student expenditure for energy was calculated for all 66 school districts. Per square foot and per student expenditures for energy and for maintenance and operations for were compared to the state average and to the southern region average. The relationship between per student and per square foot expenditures was determined. The relationship between maintenance and operations and energy was also examined. School districts within the state were prioritized in order of need for an energy management program. Respondents rated 14 energy-related concepts as to their perceived importance for inclusion in an educational program on energy management for school maintenance and operations personnel. Findings indicate that a wide variation of per student and per square foot expenditures for energy and maintenance and operations exists within the state. Louisiana school districts spend slightly less per student and per square foot for energy than other southern states. Considerably less per student than the regional average is spent on maintenance and operations. No relationship was found between energy expenditures and maintenance and operations expenditures. It is recommended that energy management education become a high priority with school districts as a means of cutting expenditures.