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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Local values of the Fermi velocity of Ag are determined along the central zones of the (100) and (110) sample planes and at the neck in the (111) plane. Resonance spectra of magentic field induced quantum surface states, known as surface Landau-level resonances (SLLR), are used along with geometric factors calculated from analytical expressions for the Fermi surface to determine the location and Fermi velocity of the resonant electrons by an iterative process. These velocities are compared to those previously derived from inversions of cyclotron mass data and to point measurements made in the time of flight effect. In addition, measurements of the anisotropic electron-phonon collision frequency on the Fermi surface of Ag are reported for a number of points on the intersection of the Fermi surface with the (100) and (110) central planes and at the neck and point in the (111) plane. Analyses of the temperature dependent SLLR line shapes are used to obtain the electron-phonon scattering rates at each resonant electron location. It is shown that by careful consideration of the effects of thermal averaging and of the limitations of the functional forms used in fitting the orbit averaged data obtained in the radio frequency size effect and the time of flight effect, it is possible to resolve many of the discrepancies between the results of previous experiments. The results of this experiment in conjunction with previous measurements give a complete picture of the anisotropy of electron-phonon scattering in Ag.