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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Purpose of the Study. The purpose of this study was to determine the status of the public secondary school band programs in Louisiana for the 1984-1985 school year. Procedures. Data were gathered by means of questionnaires sent to the directors of all public high school band programs. Information sought was divided into three major sections: (1) Teacher Profile, (2) The Band Program, and (3) Finance and Budget. Responses were obtained from 51.7 percent of the total population, and the data were tabulated and presented with comparison of the findings. Findings. (1) The mean age of directors responding was thirty-five years. The majority of directors held graduate degrees and had been in their current teaching assignment less than five years. The average director had 12.11 years teaching experience. (2) The majority of schools have a marching organization and perform at an average of ten football games, attend festivals, and march an average of two parades per year. Bands in the southern districts of the state perform in an average of five parades per year due to the requirements of Mardi Gras related activities. (3) The concert program presents three concerts per year. Bands in the northern districts attend district and state concert festivals more frequently than the bands in the southern districts. (4) The jazz program was a part of the curriculum in fewer than one-third of the schools surveyed. Most of the schools reported the jazz ensemble met after school one time per week. Recommendations. (1) Demands on marching programs need review. This organization requires a substantial amount of the students' time for performance preparation. (2) Professional organizations within the state in concordance with colleges and universities should establish communication concerning the practices of band programs and the expectations of future music teachers. (3) Means should be sought to provide music departments with adequate operating budgets. (4) More music courses should be offered the music and non-music student. Courses in music appreciation, music history, music theory, and general music could be beneficial to the school population as well as the band students.