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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Using density and functional theory, expressions for the longitudinal and transverse spin susceptibility of ferromagnetic metals have been derived in the local density approximation. The self consistent calculation of these susceptibilities necessitates the inversion of some infinite dimensional matrices, which have been done analytically using tight binding wave function for the 3d electrons. This amounted to a transformation from a Fourier representation to an orbital representation. This method is then applied for nickel using a semi-empirical band structure. In the light of these approximations it proved worthwhile to introduce some adjustable parameters to describe the electron interactions. In the transverse use of a single adjustable parameter is reasonably satisfactory to yield the correct spin-wave spectrum. Longitudinal susceptibility calculation requires three adjustable parameters which, due to lack of experimental data, are calculated from the results of first-principle band calculations. The calculated results for this case with these parameters are also reported here.