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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Mechanical Engineering


A computational combined solution to the internal and external flows in gun barrels is devised. A computer code, IEFLOW, is constructed to carry out all the calculations and present a complete package of tables and graphs of the physical property histories. With the input of the initial conditions at the threshold of the barrel, the internal and external flow fields and the simulation of blast is made possible. The flow inside the barrel, which is unsteady, compressible and one dimensional, is solved by a predictor-corrector technique using the method of characteristics. A two step, explicit, finite difference scheme is used to integrate the non-conservative form of the governing equations of the axisymmetric, unsteady, compressible, viscous flow outside the barrel where explicit artificial dissipative terms are used to capture the shocks. Two sample cases and a listing of the code are included. In an effort to demonstrate the performance of the solution, experimental and numerical results for the internal flow, and spherical blast results for the external flow are superimposed. Agreement in both cases is very good. Suggestions to improve the success of the solution are made.