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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)



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Larry Campbell

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Joseph Skillen


In the last forty years, many new solo and chamber pieces have been written for the trombone which involve elements of a theatrical nature, including lighting, make-up, costume, stage direction, dialogue/narration, sound effects, props, and audience interaction. It is difficult for a trombonist searching for music to discern a piece's theatrical nature by its listing in most catalogs. This document has attempted to solve that problem by gathering pieces that share these elements into an annotated collection. Nearly 200 pieces were discovered through contacts made with individual trombonists, composers, and publishers around the world. Of these, over sixty were acquired and subsequently analyzed. Each piece analyzed has an individual entry in the body of the paper that does three things: gives a detailed description of all theatrical elements utilized in grid format; gives a general description of each piece and discusses any special considerations necessary for its execution in paragraph format; and assigns a theatricity rating between one and ten to each piece for a comparative perspective to the entire collection. The preface of the document discusses the pedagogical motivation for the project. The introduction discusses the research process and describes in greater detail the format of the individual entries. The main body of the document consists of the entries themselves. The conclusion discusses various commonalties that emerged from close inspection of these compositions. For easy referencing an index devoted to each theatrical element is included so the reader can get a comparative perspective on all the pieces that incorporate that element. An index of publishers is also included to help the reader in locating any desired pieces.