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Information Systems

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Effective Use Theory (EUT) has emerged as a promising native Information Systems (IS) theory to understand a central phenomenon of interest to the discipline: the effective use of information systems. While EUT is widely accepted in operational control and management control contexts, its validity in chaotic environments has yet to be demonstrated. To contribute to the research program in EUT, scholars called for contextualizing and assessing EUT in chaotic environment, such as emergencies or crises events. This research seeks to apply EUT to understand the effective use of emergency information systems (EMIS). Seeking a grand theory of effective use in EMIS helps the onset of a structured research program and the development of a cumulative research tradition. That fosters EMIS as a would-be reference discipline for cross-disciplinary scholarship in emergency management. Moreover, assessing EUT in the edge context of emergencies, contributes to theory development by problematizing on assumptions that scholars have been considering unproblematic.

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Gabriele Piccoli