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The current study has expanded the scientific understanding of physical activity motivation through the use of smartphone mobile technology. With the emergent popularity of social media, software developers have begun incorporating components of social media into mobile fitness apps, which allow users to easily engage with peer support networks to obtain motivation for continued participation. Grounded in Bandura’s (1977) social cognitive theory, the study has also extended the physical activity knowledge base related to self-efficacy and peer and family support systems.

Four hundred sixty-seven adults (mean age: 35.8 years) completed an online survey, the results of which were used to conduct one logistic regression and three ordinary least squares regression models. The logistic regression was employed to determine predictors for compliance to the nationally recommended levels for physical activity (150 weekly minutes of physical activity at moderate levels of intensity or 75 weekly minutes at a vigorous intensity, and two days of muscle strength training). The OLS regression models were conducted to provide deeper insight into the variables making up the national recommendations (moderate intensity, vigorous intensity, and muscle strength training activities).

Self-efficacy was found to be significant in all four models, with gender, peer support, mobile fitness app support, and a participant’s significant other’s physical activity behaviors also being significant in the national recommendations, vigorous intensity, and muscle strength training models. Age and education were significant in the national recommendations and muscle strength-training models. Race was also significant in the moderate activity and muscle strength training models. Practical implications and suggestions for future research have been provided based on the findings of the study.



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