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The primary purpose of this study was to determine the influence of selected demographic and perceptual characteristics on the culture and desirability of Distance Education among faculty at a research extensive university in the southeastern region of the United States. The study was conducted using a survey research design. The electronic survey was distributed to full and part time faculty of the College of Agriculture at Louisiana State University using faculty email addresses provided by the college. The survey instrument consisted of questions concerning demographic characteristics, perception of Distance Education, culture of Distance Education, desirability of Distance Education and extent of use of electronic resources by faculty in face to face and Distance Education courses. The overall mean culture score reported was a 3.4 placing this result into the “neither agree nor disagree” category. It was concluded that this faculty is ambivalent toward the concept of Distance Education as a viable means of instruction in a university environment. The researcher recommends that experience and expertise in Distance Education along with Distance Education instruction expectations are included in the job description for any new faculty hired within the college. It is also recommended that some form of compensation be offered to faculty responsible for Distance Education courses. This compensation should be in the form of incentives such as training, attendance at conferences or direct monetary compensation. The university must plan for the inclusion of this compensation in the budgeting process. The researcher further recommends that mandatory training programs are established within the college to allow for faculty to become more comfortable with using additional forms of technology both in their face to face and Distance Education forms of instruction. Additionally, the researcher recommends the establishment of open communication between the administration and faculty. This can be accomplished using face to face meetings involving department heads, faculty and administrators within the college and university in order to address faculty concerns regarding Distance Education.



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