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The synthesis, characterization, and properties of selected intermetallics and ceramic materials are presented in this dissertation. In our quest to grow single crystal intermetallics from the metal flux technique, new strategies were employed to avoid thermodynamically stable phases and to ensure sample homogeneity of the crystalline product for structure elucidation and accurate measurements of their magnetic and electrical properties. The relationship between the complex crystal structures and magnetic properties are reported for LnCo2Al8 (Ln = La-Nd, Sm, Yb), CeCo2-xMnxAl8 (0 < x < 1), and Pr2Fe4-xCoxSb5 (1 ≤ x < 3). The discovery of magnetic frustration in LnCo2Al8 (Ln = Ce, Nd) and complex magnetic ordering coupled with large positive magnetoresistance of up to 150% and 60% at 200 K with relatively low field of H = 1 T in Pr2Fe4-xCoxSb5 (x ≈ 2 and 2.5) is also reported. The demand of new inorganic solid materials as scaffolds for the engineering of bone tissue has led to the synthesis of calcium magnesium silicates such as, diopside (CaMgSi2O6), akermanite (Ca2MgSi2O7), monticellite (CaMgSiO4), and merwinite (Ca3Mg(SiO4)2)) for studying dimensionality and mechanical properties. This dissertation highlights the synergism of solid state chemistry at the interface of condensed matter physics and biological engineering. The discovery of compounds with tunable magnetic, electrical, and mechanical properties will be described herein.



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