The Louisiana State University Department of Geography and Anthropology is a national leader in education and research. From climate change to forensics, students enrolled in the G&A program study a wide range of topics, obtain a unique set of technical skills and become globally competitive job seekers upon graduation.

Students typically focus their education in one of four areas: physical geography, mapping sciences, human geography and anthropology.

Physical geographers study patterns of climates, land forms, vegetation, soils, and water.

Mapping scientists use many tools and techniques in their work, and geographic technologies are increasingly among the most important emerging fields for understanding our complex world. They include Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and online mapping such as Google Earth.

Human geography is concerned with the spatial aspects of human existence. And anthropologists study humankind, past and present, pulling in expertise in fields ranging from biology to sociology.

Our faculty represent the elite of their field – leaders in climate research, coastal morphology, archaeology and more. The department has consistently been ranked as a top doctoral geography department in the country. Faculty have made distinguished contributions at all levels of academic life. Eleven faculty members have held titled professorships including four Boyd Professors—LSU’s most prestigious designation—and two Alumni Professors.


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