Magnetic properties of Argentine basin project MUDWAVE samples

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The magnetic properties of samples from nine box cores and three piston cores recovered from three giant mudwaves in the Argentine Basin, South Atlantic Ocean, have been measured. Measurements on mudwave samples include magnetic susceptibility, natural remanent moment and anhysteretic remanent moment. Anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility was also measured on selected box core samples. The results have been compared to magnetic data already available from similar measurements on Argentine Basin core-top samples. Magnetic characteristics for the core-top samples reflect broad changes in magnetic mineral concentration rather than substantial changes in magnetic grain size across the basin. Changes in this pattern are caused by multiple sources of terrigenous sediment influx from the South American continental margin. The mudwave fields in the center of the basin act as a sediment sink for these materials and are generally characterized by uniform magnetic-grain concentrations, compositions and small grain-sizes. Between and within the mudwaves sampled there are systematic differences as well as similarities in the magnetic properties that appear to be related, at least in part, to sample location with respect to depositional or erosional slopes within each mudwave. The magnetic results are interpreted to indicate that clear changes in bottom water flow are represented in samples recovered from the mudwaves. © 1993.

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Deep-Sea Research Part II

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