A new perspective on staurolite crystal chemistry: use of stoichiometric and chemical end-members for a mole fraction model

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Recent contributions to the crystal chemistry of staurolite have been aided by Mossbauer studies on 35 natural and synthetic samples and structure determinations on 42 single crystals. The combination of these data with chemical studies enables us to understand better the crystal chemistry of this mineral relative to its use as a petrogenetic indicator. The preferred thermodynamic mole fraction (activity) model for phase equilibrium calculations takes into account dilution on all cation sites except H. Applied to staurolite-chloritoid pairs, this mole fraction model does not provide an explanation for the variable Kd values between these two minerals. Knowledge of the ferric content, formula, and mole fraction model of staurolite enables meaningful retrieval and use of thermochemical quantities from experimental studies. -from Authors

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American Mineralogist

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