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Leg 152 represents the second in an eight-leg program, proposed by the NARM-DPG, to investigate rifted margins. Four legs will be devoted to each margin type, volcanic and nonvolcanic. Leg 152, selected as first priority by the North Atlantic Rifted Margin Detailed Planning Group (NARM-DPG), will be the first leg to address processes at volcanic rifted margins by drilling a transect of proposed sites at 63°N, southeast Greenland. The southeast Greenland transect is located approximately 550 km south of the original center of the Iceland hotspot in a region of apparent structural simplicity, with a well-understood, simple plate kinematic history. Breakup took place within cratonic lithosphere, forming two conjugate margins, one in southeast Greenland and the other represented by the Rockall-Hatton margin, previously drilled by the Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP). -from Authors

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