Sediment charactersitics of Mississippi River delta-front mudflow deposits.

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The complex mudflow system transports much of the upper and intermediate delta-front sediment to deeper shelf and upper slope environments. X-ray radiography of cores collected from various parts of mudflow systems has led to a better understanding of the distribution of minor sedimentary structures and inclusions in these deposits. Mudflow gully heads are characterized by slumps and very irregular bottom topography. Narrow chutes connect source areas along the sinuous mudflow tract and serve as channels through which sediments move downslope. During movement through the chutes large slump blocks disintegrate to smaller features. Abundant gas- related features, convolute bedding, inclined units, evidence of flowage, and completely reworked sediments can be found in mudflow-lobe deposits.-from Author

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Transactions, Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies

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