Sediment methyl and total mercury concentrations along the Georgia and Louisiana inner shelf, USA

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There is a paucity of information of the distribution of mercury (Hg) in continental-shelf sediments. On average, total Hg concentrations were four times greater along the Louisiana (LA) shelf than along the Georgia (GA) shelf. Methyl Hg was only twice as great in the LA coastal sediments than in GA sediments. Methyl Hg was correlated with organic matter in sandy GA sediments, whereas it was correlated with total Hg in the LA sediments. Therefore, using single-sediment-characteristics to extrapolate methyl Hg concentrations between geographical locations may not be accurate. Site- and sediment-specific calibrations of models are required to more accurately predict the extent of Hg methylation. © Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

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Analytical Letters

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