Optimal Scheduling of Reconfigurable Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid under DLR Security Constraint

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This paper aims to investigate optimal scheduling for hybrid AC/DC microgrids (MGs) under a new practical limitation known as the dynamic line rating (DLR) constraint. By considering the DLR constraint, the ampacity of the distribution lines may be affected significantly, especially in the islanded MG where the distribution lines operate close to their maximum ampacities. Hence, in order to prevent any overloading, contingency, and blackout, the feeder reconfiguration technique is proposed to provide different power paths options along with lower power losses within the network. The unscented transform (UT) method is proposed to model uncertainties of the problem such as hourly load demand, hourly market price, and wind turbine output power as well as the DLR uncertainties such as wind speed, solar radiation, and ambient temperature. Due to the nonlinearity and complexity of the problem, a new heuristic optimization algorithm according to the collective decision optimization algorithm (CDOA) is developed to handle the problem. Finally, the proposed problem is tested on a modified IEEE-33 bus test system to validate the importance of the proposed method in minimizing the hybrid AC/DC microgrid operation cost.

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IEEE Green Technologies Conference

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