An alternative method for constructing interpolatory subdivision from approximating subdivision

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This paper presents a new perspective for constructing interpolatory subdivision from primal approximating subdivision. The basic idea is constructing the subdivision rule for new inserted vertices of a new interpolatory subdivision scheme based on an approximating subdivision algorithm applied to a local configuration of the mesh with one vertex updated for interpolation of the vertex. This idea is demonstrated by presenting two new interpolatory subdivision schemes based on Catmull-Clark subdivision for an arbitrary polygonal mesh and Loop subdivision for a triangular mesh, respectively. These algorithms are simple and have a small stencil for computing new points. The new perspective also shows a link between those classic approximating and interpolatory subdivision algorithms such as cubic B-spline curve subdivision and the four-point interpolatory subdivision, Catmull-Clark subdivision and Kobbelts interpolatory scheme, and Loop subdivision and the butterfly algorithm. © 2012 Elsevier B.V.

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Computer Aided Geometric Design

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