Multi-microgrid energy systems operation incorporating distribution-interline power flow controller

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Innovative power electronic devices such as distribution-interline power flow controller (D-IPFC) can be utilized to improve the operating performance of power distribution systems. In this paper, a power injection model is presented to formulate the D-IPFC operation in distribution grids. The proposed power injection model keeps original symmetry of the impedance matrix as well as system equations which facilitates power flow calculations. Then, a centralized multi-objective optimization algorithm is formulated to optimally coordinate multi-microgrids (MMGs) through D-IPFC. The final optimal operating point of MMG is a trade-off between minimization of operating cost, voltage profile deviation, and feeder congestion. To guarantee voltage stability of the system, a voltage security constraint is considered in the optimization problem. The proposed algorithm improves flexibility of the active distribution grids which is essential for resilient smart power grids. A typical MMG and a spider diagram are applied to show the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.

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Electric Power Systems Research

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