Modeling of coupled collision and congestion in finite source wireless access systems

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We present a novel model for multiple access systems that jointly models the access-control and communication layers. This model helps us jointly quantify both the collision loss at the control layer and congestion loss at the communication layer. A joint quantification of both losses is necessary because the performance of one layer directly impacts that of the other one, and thus, both these layers are inseparable. However, the conventional theoretical models quantify the collision and congestion losses separately, thereby unable to capture the coupling issues in networks with finite sources' constraint. Under our proposed framework, we further optimize the number of control and communication channels in order to minimize the joint total loss rate given a constraint on the total number of available channels. The corresponding optimization results are further visualized using our proposed channel allocation map under all possible traffic parameters needed in the considered system model.

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2015 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference, WCNC 2015

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