Fixed-volume metering microdispenser module

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In this work, we present a novel fixed-volume metering microdispenser module using the sPROMs (structurally programmable microfluidic systems) technology. We have designed, simulated, fabricated and characterized an array of microdispensers with volumes ranging from 50 nL [nanoliter] to 150 nL. We have characterized several key components of the microdispenser, such as passive microvalves and the air-driven liquid column splitting process, using extensive simulations. The fabricated devices show extremely good accuracy (99.2%) and repeatability characteristics. We also present a simple technique for unloading the sub-μL [microliter] volumes from the microfluidic chip for measurement purposes. The dispensers realized in this work have immediate applications as a key ingredient of the lab-on-a-chip device.

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Lab on a Chip

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