A new tomography beamline at a wiggler port at the center for advanced microstructures and devices (CAMD) storage ring

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A new tomography beamline has been built and commissioned at the 7 T wiggler of the CAMD storage ring. This beamline is equipped with two monochromators that can be used interchangeably for X-ray absorption spectroscopy or high resolution X-ray tomography, at best 2-3 μm pixel size. The high-flux double multilayer-mirror monochromator (W-B4C multilayers) can be used in the energy range from 6 to 35 keV with a resolution (ΔE/E) between 0.01-0.03. The second is a channel-cut Si(311)-crystal monochromator with a range of 15 to 36 keV and resolution of ca. 10 -4, this is not yet tested. Tomography has the potential for high-throughput materials analysis; however, there are some significant obstacles to be overcome in the areas of data acquisition, reconstruction, visualization and analysis. Data acquisition is facilitated by the multilayer monochromator as this provides high photon flux, thus reducing measurement time. At the beamline, Matlab© routines provide simple x,y,z fly-throughs of the sample. Off-beamline processing with Amira© can yield more sophisticated inspection of the sample. Standard data acquisition based on fixed angle increments is not optimal, however, new patterns based on Greek golden ratio angle increments offer faster convergence to a high signal-to-noise-ratio image. The image reconstruction has traditionally been done by back-projection reconstruction. In this presentation we will show first results from samples studied at the new beamline. © 2007 American Institute of Physics.

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