Ag/AgBr/AgVO Photocatalyst-Embedded Polyacrylonitrile/Polyamide/Chitosan Nanofiltration Membrane for Integrated Filtration and Degradation of RhB

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A nanofiltration (NF) membrane containing a NaOH-treated electrospun polyacrylonitrile (HPAN) substrate, an interfacial polymerization (IP) polyamide (PA) layer, a chitosan (CS) coating layer, and an Ag/AgBr/AgVO photocatalyst loading layer was prepared. The structural evolution of the membranes was investigated, and their performance was estimated in accordance with the water flux and rejection rate. A probable mechanism for the photocatalytic activity of Ag/AgBr/AgVO was proposed. The loading of the Ag/AgBr/AgVO heterojunction on the HPAN/PA/CS NF membrane endowed the membrane with excellent self-cleaning properties owing to the photolytic degradation of the dye. The filtration and degradation processes of the Ag/AgBr/AgVO-loaded membrane constantly promoted each other, and the treatment efficiency achieved with the integrated (filtration + degradation) process was superior to those obtained with the filtration and degradation processes alone. The Ag/AgBr/AgVO-NF membrane exhibited excellent recyclability and stability when subjected to five integrated filtration-degradation processes. In addition, the Ag/AgBr/AgVO-NF membrane exhibited an elastic modulus of 65.75 MPa and a toughness of 38.9 kJ/m along with a good disinfection effect on in visible light. The as-prepared photocatalyst-loaded NF membrane with excellent antifouling performance, antimicrobial activity, high strength, and recyclability showed potential for continuous water purification operation.

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ACS applied materials & interfaces

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