1H-NMR heme resonance assignments by selective deuterations in low-spin complexes of ferric hemoglobin A

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The heme methyl and vinyl α-proton signals have been assigned in low-spin ferric cyanide and azide ligated derivatives of the intact tetramer of hemoglobin A, as well as the isolated chains, by reconstituting the proteins with selectively deuterated hemins. For the hemoglobin cyanide tetramer, assignment to individual subunits was effected by forming hybrid hemoglobins possessing isotope-labeled hemins in only one type of subunit. The heme methyl contact shift pattern has 1-methyl and 5-methyl shifts furthest downfield in both chains and the individual subunits of the intact hemoglobin in both the cyanide- and azide-ligated species, which is consistent with a dominant rhombic perturbation due to the proximal His-F8 imidazole π bonding in the known structure for human adult hemoglobin. The individual chain and subunit assignments confirm that the detailed electronic/magnetic properties of the heme pocket are essentially unaltered upon assembling the R-state tetramer from the isolated subunits. © 1988.

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Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)/Protein Structure and Molecular

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