Chemistry and Spectroscopy of Binuclear Platinum Diphosphite Complexes

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Modifications have been made to the procedure for the preparation of K4[Pt2(pop)4]-2H20 (pop = P205H2) in order to obtain material that is not contaminated by partially oxidized platinum species. Several other pure salts (Na+, Ba2+, Bu4N+, Ph4As+) of Pt2(pop)44- also have been obtained. Oxidation of Pt2(pop)44- in the presence of ligands yields d7,d7-Pt2(pop)4X24∽ (X = CI, Br, I, N02, SCN) and -Pt2(pop)4L22- (L = H20, nicotinamide, pyridine). The influence of axial ligands on the electronic structure of the PtIII-PtIII unit has been studied by UV-vis and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. It is inferred that the X (or L) perturbation of the Pt-Pt dσ interaction increases according to H20 < Cl- < Br- < NO2- < SCN- ∽ I-. © 1985, American Chemical Society. All rights reserved.

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Inorganic Chemistry

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