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Two species of geckos, Gekko vittatus, Gehyra oceanica and 5 species of skinks, Caledoniscincus atropunctatus, Emoia cyanogaster, Emoia erronan, Emoia nigra, and Emoia sanfordi from the Republic of Vanuatu were examined for helminths. One species of Digenea (Mesocoelium microon), 3 species of Cestoda (Gekkotaenia novaeguineaensis, Cylindrotaenia hickmani, Ophiotaenia greeri), and 7 species of Nematoda, gravid individuals of Hedruris hanleyae, Maxvachonia chabaudi, Parapharyngodon maplestoni, Spauligodon gehyrae, Spauligodon zweifeli, juveniles assigned to the Filarioidea, and larvae of Physocephalus sp. in cysts were found. Eighteen new host records and 7 new locality records are reported. The lizards of Vanuatu are infected by generalist helminths that occur in a variety of lizards throughout Oceania. © The Helminthological Society of Washington.

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Comparative Parasitology

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