Three new species of Freziera (Pentaphylacaceae, Freziereae) from Bolivia and Peru

Daniel Santamaría-Aguilar, Louisiana State University
Alfredo F. Fuentes, Herbario Nacional de Bolivia
Laura P. Lagomarsino, Louisiana State University


© 2018 Magnolia Press. We describe and illustrate three new species of Freziera collected from the “ceja de monte yungueña” cloud forests in Bolivia and Peru. Freziera apolobambensis and F. erickitae, both endemic to Bolivia, have small leaves and pink-magenta flowers, whereas F. magnibracteolata, found in Peru and Bolivia, is characterized by its adaxially pubescent leaves with whitish beige trichomes and inflorescences with large bracts and bracteoles. An extinction risk assessment based on the IUCN Red List categories and criteria indicates that F. apolobambensis should be considered Critically Endangered (CR), whereas F. erickitae and F. magnibracteolata should be considered Endangered (EN). The distribution, phenology, and habitat of the new taxa are provided, and affinities with their presumed closest relatives are discussed.