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© Daniel Santamaría-Aguilar et al. A taxonomic synopsis of Virola (Myristicaceae) is presented for Mesoamerica. Fourteen species are recognised, amongst them six are described and published as new, based on morphology: V. allenii D.Santam. & Aguilar, sp. nov. from Costa Rica, V. otobifolia D.Santam., sp. nov. from Panama and V. amistadensis D.Santam., sp. nov., V. chrysocarpa D.Santam. & Aguilar, sp. nov., V. fosteri D.Santam., sp. nov. and V. montana D.Santam., sp. nov. from both Costa Rica and Panama. Additionally, a lectotype is designated for V. koschnyi, accompanied by an epitype in view of the fragmentary material. Finally, we recognise V. laevigata and V. nobilis as morphologically distinct species, though these are frequently considered synonymys of V. guatemalensis and V. surinamensis, respectively. Of the fourteen accepted species, twelve of them are endemic to Mesoamerica, while the remaining two species (V. elongata and V. sebifera) extend into South America. Illustrations, species diagnoses and distribution maps for each species are provided, as is an identification key to all species.

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