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Unusual clusters of YY1 binding sites are located within several differentially methylated regions (DMRs), including Xist, Nespas and Peg3, which all become methylated during oogenesis. In this study, we performed conditional YY1 knockdown (KD) to investigate YY1's roles in DNA methylation of these DMRs. Reduced levels of YY1 during spermatogenesis did not cause any major change in these DMRs although the same YY1 KD caused hypermethylation in these DMRs among a subset of aged mice. However, YY1 KD during oogenesis resulted in the loss of DNA methylation on Peg3 and Xist, but there were no changes on Nespas and H19. Continued YY1 KD from oogenesis to the blastocyst stage caused further loss in DNA methylation on Peg3 Consequently, high incidents of lethality were observed among embryos that had experienced the reduced levels of YY1 protein. Overall, the current study suggests that YY1 likely plays a role in the de novo DNA methylation of the DMRs of Peg3 and Xist during oogenesis and also in the maintenance of unmethylation status of these DMRs during spermatogenesis. © 2009 The Author(s).

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Nucleic Acids Research

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