Adult multipotent stromal cell cryopreservation: Pluses and pitfalls

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Study and clinical testing of adult multipotent stromal cells (MSCs) are central to progressive improvements in veterinary regenerative medicine. Inherent limitations to long-term culture preclude use for storage. Until cell line creation from primary isolates becomes routine, MSC stasis at cryogenic temperatures is required for this purpose. Many protocols and reagents, including cryoprotectants, used for veterinary MSCs are derived from those for human and rodent cells. Dissimilarities in cryopreservation strategies play a role in variable MSC behaviors. Familiarity with contemporary cryopreservation reagents and processes is essential to an appreciation of their impact on MSC survival and post-cryopreservation behavior. In addition to these points, this review includes a brief history and description of current veterinary stem cell regulation.

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Veterinary surgery : VS

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