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© Kandil, et al. Aim: The aim of this study was to evaluate the potential possibility of crude larval and recombinant (rHcp26/23) antigens of Haemonchus contortus for immunization to control sheep hemonchosis. Materials and Methods: A total of 21 lambs were divided into five groups. Lambs were immunized with larval and recombinant (rHcp26/23) proteins at day 0 and day 14 and after that challenged with 5000 infective larvae of H. contortus on day 42. An unvaccinated positive control group was challenged with L3 in the meantime. An unvaccinated negative control group was not challenged. Results: Fecal egg count reduction taking after challenge for rHcp26/23 and larval antigens was 92.2% and 38.2%, respectively, compared with the positive control group. Vaccine incited protection in rHcp26/23 and larval immunization was reflected in significant (p<0.05) decreases in worm burden; 59.9% and 40.1%, respectively. Conclusion: Recombinant rHcp26/23 vaccine induced a partial immune response and had immune-protective effect against sheep hemonchosis.

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Veterinary World

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