Influence of rabbit age, deboner drum aperture, and hind/fore carcass half on mince components of mechanically separated rabbit

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Ninety-one fryers sacrificed at 8, 12, 16 or 20 weeks were deboned. Mince recovery was highest (P<0.01) for 12 and 16 weeks and lowest at 20 weeks. Recovery with 2.0 mm apertures was greater (P<0.01) than with 1.3 mm and was 71.5% for rear halves and 63.0% for fore halves. Age and carcass half did not affect percentage bone in the mince. Bone content was higher with the 2.0 mm aperture (P<0.01). Deboning time (1.4 ± 0.0s) of eight week carcasses was half the other ages (P<0.01). Hind halves deboned faster. Age and carcass half had no effect on bone fragments <0.5 mm. Percentage fragments >0.85 mm were less (P<0.05) for 12 week carcasses than for other ages but were not affected by carcass half. Mechanical separation of rabbit carcasses is fast and efficient. Further refinement is required to meet the USDA standards for bone size in mince.

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Journal of Muscle Foods

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