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The 3'-ends of the genomes (9538 bp) of two wild-type respiratory bovine coronavirus (RBCV) isolates LSU and OK were obtained by cDNA sequencing. In addition, the 3'-end of the genome (9545) of the wild-type enteric bovine coronavirus (EBCV) strain LY-138 was assembled from available sequences and by cDNA sequencing of unknown genomic regions. Comparative analyses of RBCV and EBCV nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequences revealed that RBCV-specific nucleotide and amino acid differences were disproportionally concentrated within the S gene and the genomic region between the S and E genes. Comparisons among virulent and avirulent BCV strains revealed that virulence-specific nucleotide and amino acid changes were located within the S and E genes, and the 32 kDa open reading frame.

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