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The complete genome sequences are reported here of two field isolates of bovine coronavirus (BCoV), which were isolated from respiratory and intestinal samples of the same animal experiencing fatal pneumonia during a bovine shipping fever epizootic. Both genomes contained 31028 nucleotides and included 13 open reading frames (ORFs) flanked by 5′- and 3′-untranslated regions (UTRs). ORF1a and ORF1b encode replicative polyproteins pp1a and pp1ab, respectively, that contain all of the putative functional domains documented previously for the closest relative, mouse hepatitis virus. The genomes of the BCoV isolates differed in 107 positions, scattered throughout the genome except the 5′-UTR. Differences in 25 positions were non-synonymous and were located in all proteins except pp1b. Six replicase mutations were identified within or immediately downstream of the predicted largest pp1a-derived protein, p195/ p210. Single amino acid changes within p195/ p210 as well as within the S glycoprotein might contribute to the different phenotypes of the BCoV isolates.

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Journal of General Virology

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