A novel emulsion coating and its effects on internal quality and shelf life of eggs during room temperature storage

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Effects of mineral oil (MO), chitosan solution (CH) and their emulsions (MO:CH = 75:25, 50:50, and 25:75 ratios) as coating materials in preserving internal quality of eggs were evaluated during a 5-weeks storage at 25 °C. Consumers (n = 109) evaluated surface properties and purchase intent of freshly coated eggs. As storage time increased, Haugh unit and yolk index values decreased whereas weight loss increased. Noncoated eggs rapidly changed from AA to B and C grades after 1 and 3 weeks, respectively. However, all emulsion-coated eggs maintained their A-grade quality for 4 weeks. Compared with noncoated eggs, all emulsion coatings reduced weight loss of eggs by at least seven times (0.88-1.03% vs. 7.14%). Only MO:CH = 25:75 emulsion-coated eggs were not sensorially glossier than noncoated eggs. All emulsion-coated eggs had >80% positive purchase intent and were negative for Salmonella. This study demonstrated that MO:CH emulsion coatings preserved internal quality and prolonged shelf life of eggs. © 2010 The Authors. International Journal of Food Science and Technology © 2010 Institute of Food Science and Technology.

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International Journal of Food Science and Technology

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