Focal necrotizing pneumonia in cats associated with a gram negative eugonic fermenting bacterium

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Disseminated focal necrotizing pneumonia involving terminal airways and alveoli was found in three cats. One cat had a focal necrotizing colitis which may have served as the portal of entry in this case. The diffuse distribution of nodules throughout the lungs of each case was suggestive of hematogenous spread. All three animals had ranged freely in a small town environment prior to the onset of illness. Two cats died following a clinical illness of three to five days, while the third was euthanized in a comatose condition after an illness of one week. Glanders and melioidosis are known to occur in carnivores following ingestion of infected meat. Although similar in size, distribution, and general nature, the lung nodules of glanders are usually characterized by a more uniform appearance with the persistence of nuclear fragments of cells a prominent feature. Serological evidence pointing to P. mallei and P. pseudomallei as the cause of pneumonia in these cats was refuted by the fermentative activity and lack of pathogenicity of the cat isolates for guinea pigs. Both organisms are oxidative in their attack on carbohydrates whereas EF-4 (the organism isolated: eugonic fermeter - 4) is fermentative.

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