Experimental infection of goat fetuses in utero with a stable, rough mutant of Brucella abortus

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Fetuses of goats in their last trimester of pregnancy were experimentally infected with Brucella abortus strain RB51, a stable rough mutant deficient in the perosamine O-chain content of its lipopolysaccharide. RB51 maintained its rough phenotype in vivo and did not induce abortion. Infection with RB51 resulted in the production of significant levels of IgG type antibodies specific for B abortus cellular antigens distinct from the perosamine O-chain. These findings suggest that strain RB51 will be useful in the pregnant goat for studying the role of brucella antigens other than the lipopolysaccharide O-chain in the immune response to brucellosis. © 1991.

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Research in Veterinary Science

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