Effects of a novel carbohydrate and protein source on sow performance during lactation

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Ninety-one primiparous and multiparous sows and their pigs were used to evaluate the effects of a novel carbohydrate- and protein-based feed ingredient (Nutri-Pal, NP) on sow and litter performance during lactation. Nutri-Pal is a feed supplement for sows that consists of a blend of milk chocolate, brewer's yeast, whey products, and glucooligosaccharides. The dietary treatments consisted of a corn-soybean meal control and a corn-soybean meal plus 5% NP fed from d 110 of gestation to weaning. The diets were formulated to be equal in total Lys and ME. Sows were allotted to treatment based on parity, body weight, and the date of d 110 of gestation. There were 46 and 45 sows per treatment over four farrowing groups. Litters were standardized to 10 pigs and weighed within 1 d of farrowing, and all sows weaned at least 8 pigs at an average age of 21 d. Sows were weighed on d 110 of gestation, d 1 postfarrowing, and at weaning. Sows were fed three times daily during lactation. Sows were checked twice daily after weaning for signs of estrus. The weaning weight of sows fed NP was increased (P < 0.10) compared with those fed the control diet. Sows fed the control diet tended (P = 0.11) to lose more weight per day from d 110 of gestation to weaning than the sows fed NP. Otherwise, sow response variables (sow weight on d 110 of gestation and d 1 postfarrowing, d 110 of gestation to d 1 postfarrowing and lactation weight change per day, d 110 of gestation to d 1 postfarrowing, lactation, and total feed intake, days to estrus, pigs born alive or dead, and litter and average pig birth weight) were not affected (P > 0.10) by diet. There were no effects (P > 0.10) of diet on litter performance response variables (pigs weaned, litter and average pig weaning weight and gain, and survival percent). The NP feed ingredient had minor effects on sow productivity, but it did not affect litter productivity indices. ©2004 American Society of Animal Science. All rights reserved.

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Journal of Animal Science

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