Goat Preference for Concentrates or Forages Is Influenced by Physical and Chemical Characteristics of the Feed

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© 2004 American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists Two trials were conducted to determine easily measured physical and chemical characteristics that affected voluntary intake of forages or concentrates by goat kids in production settings. In Trial 1, goat kids were offered two concentrates simultaneously, and intake of each was recorded. Additionally, the time required by kids to consume 100 g of DM from each supplement was recorded. In Trial 2, kids were offered two forages for 3 h, and intake of each was recorded. Kids preferred pelleted supplements over those offered as a meal or liquid. They also preferred supplements offered as a meal over those offered as a liquid. Kids preferred supplements based on either corn or soybean meal over those based on fishmeal or molasses. Kid preference for concentrate supplements was highly related to time required for consumption of 100 g of DM. Kids consumed more DM from stored forages than from fresh forages. When offered fresh forages, kids consumed more DM from fresh cereal grain forages than from Brassica spp. or clovers. Kids also consumed more DM from Brassica spp. than from clovers. Consumption of forages by kids was positively related to DM content of the forages. Goats consumed concentrates and forages to maximize the nutrient intake in the allotted amount of time.

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Professional Animal Scientist

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