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In this report, a complete defined medium and a minimally defined medium are described for Edwardsiella ictaluri. The complete defined medium consists of 46 individual components, including a basal salt solution, glucose, magnesium sulfate, iron sulfate, six trace metals, four nucleotides, 10 vitamins, and 19 amino acids. This medium supports growth in broth and on solid media. Optimal growth at 30°C was obtained at pH 7.0, and at an osmolality of 390 mosmol/kg of H2O, with a glucose concentration of 4 g/liter. The defined minimal medium reduces the 46 components of the complete medium to eight essential components, including the basal salt solution, glucose, magnesium sulfate, pantothenic acid, and niacinamide. In addition, specific amino acids that depend on the specific requirements of the individual strains of E. ictaluri are added.

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Applied and Environmental Microbiology

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