Effects of dihydrotestosterone benzoate administration on gonadotropin secretion in ovariectomized pony mares.

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Eight long-term ovariectomized pony mares were treated with either dihydrotestosterone (DHT) benzoate (400 micrograms/kg body weight) in safflower oil or an equivalent amount of oil every other day for 21 d to determine the effects of DHT on follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) concentrations in blood samples drawn once daily and after administration of three successive injections of gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH). The GnRH injections were given at 4-h intervals on the day following the last DHT or oil injection. Treatment with DHT benzoate did not alter (P greater than .10) concentrations of FSH or LH in daily blood samples relative to controls. The FSH and LH response, assessed by areas under the GnRH curves, decreased (P less than .05) from the first to third injection of GnRH when averaged over both groups of mares. There was no effect of DHT treatment on FSH response to GnRH. There was an interaction (P less than .05) between treatment and GnRH injection for LH areas; areas decreased (P less than .05) for DHT-treated mares from the first to third GnRH injection but were unchanged for control mares. It seems that DHT alone cannot mimic the stimulatory effects of testosterone on FSH production and secretion as observed in previous experiments with ovariectomized and intact mares. Moreover, because intact mares have been shown previously to respond to DHT treatment with an increase in GnRH-induced FSH secretion, it appears that some mechanism is lost in long-term ovariectomized mares, making them unresponsive to DHT treatment.

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Journal of animal science

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