Eimeria acervulina infection in chicks fed excess copper in the presence or absence of excess dietary methionine.

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Five experiments were conducted with young, male, crossbred chicks to investigate the effects of experimental Eimeria acervulina infection on the efficacy of supplemental Cu and (or) methionine when added to a corn-soybean meal diet. Duodenal coccidiosis (due to E. acervulina) and supplemental Cu (500 and 750 mg/kg) depressed weight gain and efficiency of feed utilization. Supplemental Cu increased concentrations of Cu in liver and gallbladder; experimental coccidiosis resulted in a two- to fourfold increase in Cu deposition in these tissues compared with the respective controls. Excess supplemental methionine (.5%) had little effect on Cu toxicity in either healthy or infected chicks. Monensin, an ionophorous coccidiostat, alleviated the coccidiosis-induced Cu deposition.

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Journal of animal science

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