Effect of dietary biotin supplementation on sow reproductive performance and soundness and pig growth and mortality.

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A 3-yr study was conducted to evaluate the effect of dietary biotin supplementation on the reproductive performance of 90 sows and gilts, and on the pre-weaning growth and mortality of 223 litters. Corn-soybean meal-based diets supplemented with either 0 or 440 micrograms/kg d-biotin were fed to sows throughout their reproductive cycle. Biotin supplementation had no beneficial effect (P greater than .10) on 107-d sow weight, sow weight at weaning, weaning to estrus interval, foot lesion score, hair loss score, structural soundness score, number of pigs born, number and percentage of pigs born alive or number and percentage of pigs alive at 21 d of age. Biotin supplementation had no effect (P greater than .10) on pig growth or mortality to 21 d of age. These data do not support the concept that biotin supplementation of sow diets is needed.

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Journal of animal science

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